Ray Knapp Shares His Experience With Our Assisted Living Facility

Ray Knapp, the writer for the op-ed series, “A Refreshing Knapp” with The Erwin Record, was less than hopeful when he learned his wife would require a stay in an assisted living facility to recover from a complicated orthopedic surgery. His concern came from negative stories seen and read in news reports all over the country. In his article titled “Learning the truth about nursing homes,” we were thrilled for him to report that he found our staff to be “friendly and caring, yet professional.” He went on to say, “The nurses and the Erwin Health Care staff caring for her are more than just people; they are also friends.”

In the article, Knapp noted that news reports usually focus on people’s negative experiences with no mention of the ones doing an outstanding job. He highlighted the employees of Erwin Health Care going above and beyond their job description. We are so proud of our team and are confident you will have an exceptional experience if the need arises for you or your loved one to spend time with us. Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living facility and its corresponding health care services.

Read the full article by Ray Knapp in The Erwin Record “Learning the truth about nursing homes.”

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