Erwin Health’s Exemplary COVID-19 Vaccination Success Recognized by CDC

The CDC emphasizes the critical importance of immunization in long-term care facilities, particularly for protecting residents from severe complications related to respiratory viruses. Vaccination against COVID-19, flu, and RSV remains the most effective strategy to reduce hospitalizations, long-term health impacts, and mortality rates among nursing home residents.

EHCC faced several challenges in achieving high vaccination rates, including trust issues among new residents, misinformation from various sources, lack of awareness about the benefits of the updated COVID-19 vaccine, concerns related to medical history, and vaccine fatigue. However, the facility successfully navigated these obstacles through strategic initiatives.

EHCC’s success can be attributed to various factors. The facility provides a conducive environment for residents to ask questions and receive information from knowledgeable staff members. The admissions department plays a crucial role in educating residents and their families about the benefits of the updated COVID-19 vaccine. EHCC boasts a compassionate staff that builds trust and has achieved an impressive 88% vaccination rate since November 2023.

The recent change in leadership with Jason Bennett as the new CEO has brought strong support to both staff and residents. Jason actively engages with residents and their families, promoting a personalized approach to care. He supports staff education efforts, emphasizing the importance of staying updated on vaccinations and the science behind them.

In conclusion, Erwin Health Care Center exemplifies the dedication required to achieve high COVID-19 vaccination rates in long-term care facilities, emphasizing the importance of education, trust-building, and compassionate leadership.

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